We help businesses master their finances.

From annual financial statements to tax filing, Remote AFS is the all-in-one financial toolkit your business can count on.
annual financial statements
Annual Financial Statements

Understanding your finances should be three things: simple, effortless, and affordable.

Remote AFS simplifies business finances. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help entrepreneurs understand what they want to do and where they want to go.

What we do

We take care of annual financial statements. And we do it in a way that’s never been done before—by pairing intuitive software with a professional Chartered Accountant, CA(SA). To us, it’s more than number crunching. It's giving businesses more time to focus on what they care about.

How we got here

2018: Alpha Gold Africa Proprietary Limited was registered and launched to the public.

2019:  The firm struggled to source and secure business in its initial startup phase.

2020:  Breakout of COVID-19 pandemic and enforcement of national lockdowns.  This was the beginning of remote work.

2021:  Moved into smaller shared office premises.  Demand for Remote services increased.  Sales increased.

2022:  Laser focused on improving and increasing our core business and that is preparation of annual financial statements.  Remote AFS™ (a subsidiary of Alpha Gold Africa) was established to serve this purpose.

Who we help

From micro businesses to manufacturing businesses, Remote AFS™ supports many types. 

Whether you must comply with local GAAP, IFRS, PFMA or another standard, we’ll prepare a set of annual financial statements for you.  Try us out—we're efficient, reducing your workload considerably, while minimising risks of error and costs.

Why we're here

Our mission is to make a profound difference in the quality of life of people.
Financial mastery is the idea that everyone, regardless of economic standing, should have full control of their finances. It’s more than knowing how to read an account statement—it’s giving people the tools they need to stay on top of their finances, and improve their lives.
People and the quality of their lives. That, at its core, is what Remote AFS™ is about.

Our principles

We rely on five principles to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards our mission.  Together, these principles inform the most valuable technology we possess: culture.
  • Integrity.
  • Objectivity.
  • Professional Competence and Due Care.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Professional Behaviour.

Wondering about the name Remote AFS™?

Remote AFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Gold Africa Proprietary Limited.  Since inception of COVID-19 in the year 2020, our close knit team has been working remotely, servicing clients and preparing their annual financial statements.  It has been a great success!  AFS is an abbreviation standing for Annual Financial Statements.  Hence Remote AFS™.  The name is appropriate because it describes our core business and how we work.
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