ID verification: Data protection and usage

In order to create a safe and secure marketplace for our community, Remote AFS often requests sellers to verify their identity with their official government ID.

Here is the full picture of how Remote AFS keeps your information secure, in the event that you are requested or suggested to perform ID verification.

Data privacy and security

We take great care in maintaining the security of the site and your information. How do we do that, though? By implementing security measures and using industry-standard technologies and internal procedures. These methods help prevent unauthorised access to your information.

Learn more about how we protect your information with Privacy Policy.

How we use your data

The collection and processing of ID cards are required in order to ensure a trustworthy community and marketplace, as well as, enforce our terms of service.
The process allows us, for example, to:

  • Improve trust in the marketplace and work quality
  • Secure our service and prevent fraud (ex. misleading Accountants)
  • Recover hijacked accounts—ensure ownership of Accountants’ accounts
  • Enforce Remote AFS’s Terms of Service
  • Ensure that users are above 18 years of age
  • Ensure that users comply with applicable laws

The benefits and importance of ID Verification

With ID verification, we are committed to ensuring high standards of security for both you and our community.

We assure you that your identification card won’t be used for any other purpose—including marketing purposes—nor shared with other users. The copy of your identification card is only kept for as long as required, due to the stated safety purposes.
Learn more with our Privacy Policy, which governs Remote AFS’s ID verification data processing procedures. If you believe that your ID is not necessary for the mentioned purposes, please contact us at


Will my information be shared with anyone other than Remote AFS or made public?

The information you provide is to verify your identification with Remote AFS. Your ID will not be shared with other users, including other members of the community.

When do I need to verify my ID?

You will need to verify your ID as soon as you receive a notification on your account to do so. You will have 14 days to perform and complete the process—failing to do so will result in a restriction of your account.

Note: Some Accountants will have an optional verification process.


How do I verify my ID and how does it work?

Our ID verification process is explained in detail above.

Is my information secure?

We take great care in maintaining the security of the site and your information, in order to prevent unauthorised access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, or damage to it through industry standard technologies and internal procedures.

Once we have received your data, we will use strict procedures and security measures to try to prevent unauthorised access. Learn more with our Privacy Policy.

What if I don't have an ID?

You must verify your identity with a valid ID. This includes a driver’s license, passport, or other valid ID included in the list found when you start the ID verification process. The IDs available vary per country.

What if I don't have an ID?

Yes. Remote AFS may require some of our customers to go through a verification process.

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