Refer a business and earn R850.

Running a small business is no easy feat. Want to help a small business owner get the support they need? Refer them to Remote AFS™, and we’ll show them how up-to-date financials can help their business grow.

You'll receive a R500 cash back and an extra discount of R650 on your financial statements, for each referral that becomes a Remote AFS™ client.

Referral rewards available exclusively for Remote AFS™ clients.

Here’s how it works

Let other small business owners know how Remote AFS™ can offer support by sharing your unique referral link via email, social media, or text message

When someone you refer signs up and becomes a client, we will prepare their financial statements. They will receive a discount of R650 on their invoice price.

After your referral becomes a client of Remote AFS™, we’ll send you R850 via EFT. For every five clients you refer, you will also receive a free service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount I can earn for referring businesses to Remote AFS™?

There’s no limit to how many business owners within your network you refer. You’ll receive a R850 cash back for each referral and one free service for every five clients you refer.

How does Remote AFS™ keep track of who I've referred?

As a Remote AFS™ client, you’ll have a custom link that we’ve created for you and can be found on the Referral Rewards page within the Remote AFS™ customer platform. This link is unique to you – copy and paste it anywhere to tell your friends about Remote AFS™. When someone clicks on your link and becomes a Remote AFS™ client, we’ll know to credit you with your R850 cash back and one free service for every five new referrals.

Do I have to be a Remote AFS™ client to receive referral rewards?

Yes. If you’re not currently a Remote AFS™ client, we extremely appreciate any businesses you refer to Remote AFS but we can only provide a R850 and one free service as a referral reward for every 5 new clients referred for existing Remote AFS clients.  Looking to become a Remote AFS client? Get Started today!

Start sharing

Get your unique referral link now and share it with other business owners to start earning referral rewards from Remote AFS™.

Referral rewards available exclusively for Remote AFS™ clients

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